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Best Sex Positions For Women?

Sex Position 15Now some women are hard to satisfy. And some simply want more pleasure. And who’s to blame them? The good thing is, if you know about the best sex positions for women, and how they can give her more pleasure, you can rock her world without much extra effort from your side.

And you don’t need to be a yoga master to do these positions, so don’t worry about that picture here 😉

Also one thing you should keep in mind is that you should always explore, experiment, and see if you can improve a position by making a small adjustment. You’ll often find out that you can. There are tons of books on the best sex positions out there, but the truth is, there is no best sex position, because just anatomically we differ from each other in so many ways, everyone has their individual anatomy. Yet, these positions are the best starting points, so let’s get started.

The Doggy-Style Tweak

Now when you take her doggy-style, get her to lift her butt up a bit. Because this will expose her vaginal wall a bit better. Her vaginal wall is the part where she is extremely sensitive and even a little bit of stimulation here can take her very far 😉

Missionary Booster

Now missionary style is the most popular sex position on earth, and that’s fine. But you did you know that there’s a very simple thing you can do to make it more exciting for her?

Just put a couple of pillows under her butt. So her but will be a bit up, and this changes the angle at which your penis enters her vagina in such a way that there’s more friction, and it increases the contact between your penis and her clitoris. (And that’s a good thing if you want her to enjoy sex more!)

Sexy Scissors

You just lay down on your back and pull your feet a little bit towards your butt, so that your knees are bent at an angle (around 90° is fine).

Then the woman kneels on top. One leg is between his legs, and the other leg placed so that the inside of her thigh is against the outside of his hip on one side, and with her vagina over his penis. This way she has full control of the depth and the angle of penetration, the speed, depth, how much pressure and friction. It’s seems to be an easy position for a guy, but you do need to kind of follow along with her movements at times, because sometimes women tend to then move in ways that make the penis kind of “bend”, which isn’t good (and if you have an hard enough erection can actually be painful or cause injury in rare cases).

The aim is that she can kind of push against your pubic bone while your penis is inside her.

Get Up, Stand Up

Now this isn’t a particularly creative sex position, but it works really well. Just stand up, with her back against the wall (or just hold her) while she clams her legs around your body, so you’re totally carrying her and at the same time you’re deep inside her. You stronger you are the better, because it can be kind of tiring to do it in this position for a long time, but it’s definitely something very sexy.

Now all the sex positions and sex tricks in the world won’t do you no good if you can’t last long enough to satisfy her…

How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

she's a good reason for finding out how to avoid premature ejaculation

One of the biggest joy killers in the bedroom? Premature ejaculation. It’s funny, because most people think that erectile dysfunction is the biggest sex problem man have to deal with. And of course, that’s probably the worst one, because if you can’t get it up in the first place, then nothing else matters. But by far the most common sex issue men struggle with is simply not lasting long enough. And that’s why it really makes sense to learn how to avoid premature ejaculation (PE).

Now again, there are really three aspects to fixing this problem: mental, physical and systematic.

Use Your Mind To Last Longer

What happens inside your mind has a huge influence on how fast you shoot your load. I’m not telling you to think of something gross or totally unsexy when you have sex – that just takes all the fun out of it. But don’t go into exciting fantasies while you’re having sex either. You want to completely get out of your head and just savor the experience with your senses. Beating premature ejaculation is not just about your thoughts and mind, but it’s also about your thoughts and mind.

Train Your Body To Delay Ejaculations

This is what most people think of when they want to know how to avoid premature ejaculation, and surely for good reason. Pelvic muscle exercises are some of the best things you can do to prevent PE. It does take time and effort, so don’t expect overnight results, but I hope you consider it worth your while to invest a bit of training into become a better lover for the rest of your life. After all, that’s why you’ve come to this site in the first place, and that’s why you’ve read so far, right?

The way you breathe while you have sex also matters, so make sure that you have a kind of controlled, calm and relaxed breathing going on, rather than that out-of-control excited yapping kind of breath.

And relax your muscles when you’re having sex. You know, the more tense your muscles are, the faster you will ejaculate. And the more relaxed you are, the longer you can avoid PE. And I’m talking about all the muscles in your body, your arms, legs, back, stomach, neck and so on. It’s all connected to what’s going on down there.

Systematic Stamina

Now the best way to fix your PE problem really is to have a step-by-step system that you can follow, that’s proven to help men who had the same problem.

There are many things out there, and it’s best if you look around and decide for yourself which is the best one. However, do notice that I’m not talking about pills or creams or stuff like that – these things are really good for the people who sell them, because they make a lot of money with them. but they’re not so good for men like you and me, because either they work just when we are using them (and make it difficult to have sex without them), or they don’t work at all, or in some cases they even contain harmful chemicals.

When you ejaculate too quickly, it can feel like a punishment and you might get upset – but don’t be hard on yourself. Instead, just accept that things are the way they are, but realize that you have the power to change them, and every man can learn to last longer, including you. So there really is no reason why you should be upset and every reason to start working on your stamina.

You can easily learn how to avoid premature ejaculation – so don’t postpone it any longer and instead be a man of action. Not only will she be more satisfied, but you’ll feel so much better about yourself as a man.

Women Who Can’t Have An Orgasm?

There’s this idea that there are some women who simply can’t have an orgasm. And while it’s true that there really are some, most of the women who think they can’t have an orgasm simply haven’t learned how to have one yet. But they are actually perfectly capable of reaching climax from a physical and psychological standpoint. It’s just that they haven’t experienced one yet, and thus they believe they can’t have one. Maybe the things that work for most women don’t work for them, and then they stop trying to change things.

woman without orgasmSo as a man, if you are the one who teaches her how to have an orgasm, that can literally blow her mind and make her totally crazy about you, and it’s not as difficult as it might seem (or she might think).

However, you have to be prepared that she won’t believe this works, so don’t be offended if she’s a skeptic.


One of the prerequisites of good sex is relaxation. If your lady isn’t relaxed, it’ll be very difficult to get her to a point where she can open herself up to the intensely pleasurable and intimate experience of having an orgasm.

A lot of guys think that a woman who can’t have an orgasm should simply get harder sex – harder, faster, deeper, longer, bigger, you know, that kind of thing. But that could be the exact opposite. Maybe she needs a more gentle and soft approach to sexuality. It really totally depends, and the reason why I’m saying this is because I don’t want you to go into this with a lot of preconceived notions, but instead explore, investigate, experiment and observe.


The next thing you should clear up is whether she can have an orgasm when she masturbates. If that’s the case, it’s really mostly about relaxing and developing trust with you.

But if she can’t have an orgasm when she masturbates, then it’s time to explore a bit deeper and masturbate together. Use your fingers, use your lips, use your mouth. Heck, get a vibrator and get to work for that matter. The most important thing at this point is not how you get her there, but that you get her there, and that sometimes means putting your ego aside. (Every man’s ego can be a bit brushed if a woman doesn’t have an orgasm when having intercourse with him, but can have one when she’s using a vibrator, but relax – that doesn’t mean you’re not good in bed. It’s just a step for her to open up her sexuality and develop her skills of intimacy, and your job is to help and guide her along the way).

Mental Sex Triggers That Make Her Cum

Now don’t underestimate how important it is what’s going on in her head. One of the most common reasons why women don’t orgasm is that they are too self-conscious. As soon as you become excessively self-conscious about sex, everything goes down the drain and the enjoyment really disappears.

So make sure you help her to get lost in the moment and fully let herself fall into the experience of having sex, rather than thinking about it all. Overthinking is the worst thing a woman can do during sex. You really need to find a way to “switch off” that thinking, rational part of the brain when having sex. That’s when you want to get in touch with the more animistic and primal parts of your brain.

And there are some sex positions which make women enjoy sex more.

How To Shorten Your Refractory Period (And Get An Erection After You Ejaculate Quickly)

After you ejaculate, it takes some time for your body to get an erection again. The time between your ejaculation and the onset of your next erection is called refractory period.

This is one of the cases where men have truly been discrimated by mother nature, because women do not have a refractory period. Well, they do have another kind of period though, so maybe we shouldn’t really complain about the cards we’ve been played 😉

Flipping heck!!!! Have i  got to get up again to feed you?????

Average refractory period?

There really is no average in this case. In general it’s shorter for young men than it is for old men. Some men can regain an erection even fast just a couple of seconds, while other men need hours. These are the two extremes of the spectrum.

Even for the same man it can differ each time. So one time you have sex and might be ready to go again after just three minutes, and another time it might take your “little friend” 40 minutes to stand up again.

The vast majority of men need to give their penis a break time of around 15-50 minutes before their penis will feel excitable again. The reason is simply that the excitable membrane in your penis needs a “reset” before it’s ready to react to stimulation again after you’ve ejaculated already.


What you eat actually affects your libido. Eating lots of fresh fruits can help you not just to shorten your refrac period, but also to have stronger, harder and bigger erections. I found that certain supplements (like astaxanthin and yohimbe) really can have substantial effects.

The theory is that these supplements tend to influence your hormone levels in a way that you’ll be able to perform better sexually.


Physical exercise can actually help you to get an erection after having an orgasm. However, you need several months of regular exercise to notice an improvement, so I’m not sure if this is the kind of advice you’ve been looking for. Just saying that if you’re not doing regular exercise, it’s one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your health and wellbeing, and heck, even your mental health.

No Stress

Now a lot of men, when they try to regain their erection after an orgasm and it doesn’t work, they get really frustrated and upset and even angry, and guess what: that’s not helping.

In fact, men get an erection most easily when they are very relaxed mentally. I’m sure you’ve had that experience where you where in a kind of half-dreaming state of consciousness, kind of like a daydream, and you got a hard-on. Or the morning glory when you wake up in the morning. Relaxation really helps to regain an erection after orgasm.

Don’t try to force yourself to regain an erection. If it’s not working, just give it a bit more time and keep following the advice I laid out here on a regular basis to train yourself. Slow but steady improvement will work for you too.

Being able to perform awesome in bed is especially important when you’re having sex with a woman who has trouble having orgasms…

The Phases of Sex

What’s going on in your body when you have sex? We tend to think of sex as this amazing thing (and it sure is), but that doesn’t mean we can’t analyze it or look at it with a cool head to better understand and master it. The purpose of this article is not to give you some abstract academic understanding. The purpose of this article is to help you be a better lover, and in order to really advance as a lover, you must have an understanding of what the “sex process” is like.

These phases of sex are the same both for men and women. And when you learn about them, I want you to think about how you can use this conscious understanding of each phase to improve your sex skills.
moon phases


It always starts with desire. Desire is when you start to feel aroused, and you start to feel really interested in sex. Desire can happen even without any kind of physical stimulation. In fact, that’s how it happens most of the time. Certain hormones trigger your feelings, make you feel like you’re desiring an erotic experience.

On a sexual arousal scale of one to ten, you’d be at a 1 or 2.

Getting Horny

Now this is one step further than desire. It’s when an actual physiological reaction happens: the swelling of your genitals. In men, this means that you get an erection. In women this means that her clitoris and vaginal lips get a bit bigger, and she excretes more “juice“. Why do the organs get bigger? Because more blood flows into them.

Other physiological changes also occurs. Your heart starts to beat faster and harder. Your breathing changes. Your blood pressure goes up a bit. Women usually get erect nipples too.

Foreplay, kissing, erotic thoughts and fantasies or seeing something sexually stimulating is usually what causes this stage.

On the sex arousal scale, you’d be at 3 or 4.

Sexy Time

This is where the action happens. Here you’re on a certain level of sexual arousal, and this is where you’re most active. The muscles in your body tensen up, and everything feels very intensive, very pleasant. It’s where you really “get to work”. It’s kind of like the journey that you’re taking to get to your “destination” (which is the next phase: orgasm).

Sexual arousal scale: between 5 and 8.


Now these are the couple of seconds that make the world go round. Your body (both for men and women) experiences a whole set of contractions, the muscles in your body just tensen up, almost everywhere (that’s why people make these faces when they’re having an orgasm – because their facial muscles go through contractions too). And of course, the muscles the eject your sperm from your body also contract, and that’s when you ejaculate.

There’s that moment when you haven’t reached your orgasm yet, but you know it’s coming, and it’s inevitable. That’s why it’s been coined “the point of no return”. Once you’re there, there’s no way to stop an orgasm from happening.

On a sexual arousal scale, you’re between 9 and 10.

Coming Down

This is basically the phase where your body goes back to baseline – where it’s been before desire set in.

Refractory Period

This is the time it takes a man to “get ready for the next round”. In general, the younger you are, the less time you need to get back in the saddle. You can actually train your penis to get erect faster after 

What Is Tantric Sex?

You probably have already heard about tantric sex, but most men do not really have an idea what it really is and how to do it.

Now tantric sex isn’t just something that weird hippie people who never take a shower because they want to preserve their sexual energy do. You don’t need to grow your hair long or start eating a vegan diet. In fact, you can live a completely normal life and simply start having tantric sex, without somehow joining a sex or following a guru.

It’s simply something you can do to enjoy sex more!

tantric sex


One of the main points of this sex is that you do keep your sexual energy in your body (instead of squandering it you do usually with an orgasm). However, there are very fun ways to do it (and they have nothing to do with not taking a shower).

You want to prolong the sexual interaction and last longer in bed. By doing this you essentially build up a reservoir of happy hormones in your body and improve your overall energy levels and health.

If you’re just starting to experiment with tantric sex, kind of set the stage for it. It’s something you should cherish – so don’t have the TV playing next or text message notifications interrupting you all the time. Yes, that whole thing with candles and nice scents is actually a good idea.

Yab-Yom Position of Tantric Sex

This is basically the absolute tantric sex for beginners. The yab-yom position. Here what you do is you stand opposite each other, and you hold each other in your arms, kind of like when you are doing a slow dance. And then you simply breathe in when your partner breathes out, and when you breathe out then your partner breathes in. (No I do hope you don’t have a problem with halitosis!).

And you want to really focus on your breath and be very aware of your breath. This awareness and sensuality is something that you always want to practice when you have tantric sex. You always want to be fully aware and focused on your own bodily sensations and your partner.

When you breath out, just imagine (and feel as if) you are filling your body with positive energy, and you’re sending that positive energy to your partner. And since your partner is inhaling while you are exhaling, you partners breathes in your positive energy.

In fact in communication sciences, psychologists know that people when they have a very close relationship and really connect with each other, they sometimes intuitively sync their breath. So what you’re doing is essentially a good and natural thing, you’re just helping it a bit out.

And when you try to practice tantric sex, always look into each others eyes and read the other person’s eyes. It’s pretty simple. You want to be aware of their body language. You keep every channel of communication there is open, because you want that exchange of information to happen, you want to faciliate the flow of emotions and thoughts between the two of you. And you really want to be aware of what your body is going through when you have sex.

The Secret of Better Orgasms

The more often you give your woman an orgasm, the more easy she will get one. It’s a self-reinforcing-circle once you reach a certain tipping point. The hardest place to start though is if you have a really hard time giving your woman an orgasm. So what’s the secret to better orgasms?

However, it’s worth the endaevour. One reason is that it will greatly improve the quality of your relationship and make you and her more happy together. Let’s face it, sexuality is an important part of a healthy, happy and fulfilling relationship where each partner feels satisfied. But maybe the most important reason to spice up your sex life and learn how to give your woman an orgasm is because it makes having sex so much more fun.


In fact, orgasms are even good for your health and both your psychological and physiological well-being.

Orgasmic Health Benefits

A 2001 study has shown that having an orgasm can actually relieve migraine. Evans & Couch published their research in Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain:

“The issue of suppression of headache by orgasm does bring up the possibility of suppression of one multi-faceted, presumably neural origin syndrome (Migraine) by another neural event (perception of sexual orgasm). Perhaps there are other situations in which an indigenous neural process might be used to suppress Migraine. Certainly there are some interesting theoretical possibilities here.”

So next time she has a headache, you can tell her you know just what she needs…

And orgasms can even make you life longer, die later and increase your longevity! (Yep, those are the same things, but still worth making that statement).

A study from Great Britain showed that men who have two or more orgasms per week had a significantly lower risk of dying.

Medical research has also indicated that men who climax more often have a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

What’s more, when you (or your partner) have an orgasm, your body gets flooded with hormones, especially oxytocin and DHEA. These two hormones are very beneficial for your health, and they can help you to better cope with stress.

Orgasms also help women to maintain optimal estrogen levels, which is beneficial for her psychological well-being and keeps her vaginal tissue supple.

The Secret of Better Orgasms

There are many things you can do. Have you ever used sex toys? They can really spice things up in your sex life. At first most people feel awkward to start using them (or even just buying them), but they can greatly enhance the pleasure and excitement, partly even just because it’s breaking a taboo, and discovering a new kind of sexual bliss.

Toys aren’t just for perverts and people who can’t enjoy normal sex, they are simply a means for people to explore their sexuality in new ways and widen up the spectrum of things you can do.

Keep in mind: sex is a game. You want to be really playful. And what better reminder to be playful than a “toy”? 😉

You can also explore things like tantric sex…

Become Really Good At Sex

There are many things you can do as a man to be a better lover and perform better in bed. But much of it starts in your head. With sex it’s not about the finish line – it’s about the journey.

The number one complaint women have about men is that they don’t last long enough. It’s easy for a man to finish his business quickly, but women need their time.

So when you have sex be playful and enjoy the experience. Do all kinds of silly things and explore every part of her body, including her neck, her belly, her fingers, her feet, her knees, her thights, just… everywhere. For women sex is even more a full body experience than for men and the more you appreciate and tease her in different body parts the better.

And you really want to tune in into what is going on with her. Even if she doesn’t actually tell you something verbally, every woman sends out a myriad of signals when she has sex with you. The way she breathes, and the way her breath changes when you do something, the way she moves, the way different muscles in her body tensen up and relax, the sounds she makes with her voice, how she reacts to you, how her toes curl up, how her fingers grab you, how she scratches your back with her fingers, how she bites your ear and kisses your mouth, all of that… experiment with it, play with it, interprete it, be aware of it, pay attention to it and stretch the whole experience a bit out.

You really want to keep the arousal going at a high level but without going over the top and reaching orgasm. That’s the secret. It’s a marathon, and you want to shower her with sexy hormones. Because the longer you keep the tension up the better, more intense and more satisfying will it be once the release comes. And it’ll be deeply relaxing.

And sex is not just the time when you have intercourse with a woman. It’s also what you do before and after that. Share many physical interactions with your woman throughout the day. Just touch her here and there, while you’re talking on the phone, while you’re eating, while you’re walking by and so on. Developing and nurturing physical intimacy with a woman is not just something that will benefit your relationship in general, but your sex life in particular.

And keep in mind that sex is about fantasies. Get to know her fantasies and share your own. Just be aware that almost every human being is inhibited and sometimes feels shy when we reveal our intimate fantasies, but if you can push and pull your lady to open up to you and start exploring your sex life quality will multiply tenfold. Now yes, that tenfold thing I just pulled it out of my head, but it will definitely be a lot better, and that’s good for both you and your woman.