How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

she's a good reason for finding out how to avoid premature ejaculation

One of the biggest joy killers in the bedroom? Premature ejaculation. It’s funny, because most people think that erectile dysfunction is the biggest sex problem man have to deal with. And of course, that’s probably the worst one, because if you can’t get it up in the first place, then nothing else matters. But by far the most common sex issue men struggle with is simply not lasting long enough. And that’s why it really makes sense to learn how to avoid premature ejaculation (PE).

Now again, there are really three aspects to fixing this problem: mental, physical and systematic.

Use Your Mind To Last Longer

What happens inside your mind has a huge influence on how fast you shoot your load. I’m not telling you to think of something gross or totally unsexy when you have sex – that just takes all the fun out of it. But don’t go into exciting fantasies while you’re having sex either. You want to completely get out of your head and just savor the experience with your senses. Beating premature ejaculation is not just about your thoughts and mind, but it’s also about your thoughts and mind.

Train Your Body To Delay Ejaculations

This is what most people think of when they want to know how to avoid premature ejaculation, and surely for good reason. Pelvic muscle exercises are some of the best things you can do to prevent PE. It does take time and effort, so don’t expect overnight results, but I hope you consider it worth your while to invest a bit of training into become a better lover for the rest of your life. After all, that’s why you’ve come to this site in the first place, and that’s why you’ve read so far, right?

The way you breathe while you have sex also matters, so make sure that you have a kind of controlled, calm and relaxed breathing going on, rather than that out-of-control excited yapping kind of breath.

And relax your muscles when you’re having sex. You know, the more tense your muscles are, the faster you will ejaculate. And the more relaxed you are, the longer you can avoid PE. And I’m talking about all the muscles in your body, your arms, legs, back, stomach, neck and so on. It’s all connected to what’s going on down there.

Systematic Stamina

Now the best way to fix your PE problem really is to have a step-by-step system that you can follow, that’s proven to help men who had the same problem.

There are many things out there, and it’s best if you look around and decide for yourself which is the best one. However, do notice that I’m not talking about pills or creams or stuff like that – these things are really good for the people who sell them, because they make a lot of money with them. but they’re not so good for men like you and me, because either they work just when we are using them (and make it difficult to have sex without them), or they don’t work at all, or in some cases they even contain harmful chemicals.

When you ejaculate too quickly, it can feel like a punishment and you might get upset – but don’t be hard on yourself. Instead, just accept that things are the way they are, but realize that you have the power to change them, and every man can learn to last longer, including you. So there really is no reason why you should be upset and every reason to start working on your stamina.

You can easily learn how to avoid premature ejaculation – so don’t postpone it any longer and instead be a man of action. Not only will she be more satisfied, but you’ll feel so much better about yourself as a man.

4 thoughts on “How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

  1. Orson

    So how do I “get out of my head”? Is this like meditation where I am supposed to not have any thought in my mind?

    1. Ernest Post author

      It’s actually a bit like that, yes. But don’t try to not think – instead, just focus on the experience. Feel her skin, look at her eyes, and so on – focus your thoughts on that. If you try to think nothing, you’ll just end up fighting your own thoughts, and that doesn’t help.


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