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The Secret of Better Orgasms

The more often you give your woman an orgasm, the more easy she will get one. It’s a self-reinforcing-circle once you reach a certain tipping point. The hardest place to start though is if you have a really hard time giving your woman an orgasm. So what’s the secret to better orgasms?

However, it’s worth the endaevour. One reason is that it will greatly improve the quality of your relationship and make you and her more happy together. Let’s face it, sexuality is an important part of a healthy, happy and fulfilling relationship where each partner feels satisfied. But maybe the most important reason to spice up your sex life and learn how to give your woman an orgasm is because it makes having sex so much more fun.


In fact, orgasms are even good for your health and both your psychological and physiological well-being.

Orgasmic Health Benefits

A 2001 study has shown that having an orgasm can actually relieve migraine. Evans & Couch published their research in Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain:

“The issue of suppression of headache by orgasm does bring up the possibility of suppression of one multi-faceted, presumably neural origin syndrome (Migraine) by another neural event (perception of sexual orgasm). Perhaps there are other situations in which an indigenous neural process might be used to suppress Migraine. Certainly there are some interesting theoretical possibilities here.”

So next time she has a headache, you can tell her you know just what she needs…

And orgasms can even make you life longer, die later and increase your longevity! (Yep, those are the same things, but still worth making that statement).

A study from Great Britain showed that men who have two or more orgasms per week had a significantly lower risk of dying.

Medical research has also indicated that men who climax more often have a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

What’s more, when you (or your partner) have an orgasm, your body gets flooded with hormones, especially oxytocin and DHEA. These two hormones are very beneficial for your health, and they can help you to better cope with stress.

Orgasms also help women to maintain optimal estrogen levels, which is beneficial for her psychological well-being and keeps her vaginal tissue supple.

The Secret of Better Orgasms

There are many things you can do. Have you ever used sex toys? They can really spice things up in your sex life. At first most people feel awkward to start using them (or even just buying them), but they can greatly enhance the pleasure and excitement, partly even just because it’s breaking a taboo, and discovering a new kind of sexual bliss.

Toys aren’t just for perverts and people who can’t enjoy normal sex, they are simply a means for people to explore their sexuality in new ways and widen up the spectrum of things you can do.

Keep in mind: sex is a game. You want to be really playful. And what better reminder to be playful than a “toy”? 😉

You can also explore things like tantric sex…