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Become Really Good At Sex

There are many things you can do as a man to be a better lover and perform better in bed. But much of it starts in your head. With sex it’s not about the finish line – it’s about the journey.

The number one complaint women have about men is that they don’t last long enough. It’s easy for a man to finish his business quickly, but women need their time.

So when you have sex be playful and enjoy the experience. Do all kinds of silly things and explore every part of her body, including her neck, her belly, her fingers, her feet, her knees, her thights, just… everywhere. For women sex is even more a full body experience than for men and the more you appreciate and tease her in different body parts the better.

And you really want to tune in into what is going on with her. Even if she doesn’t actually tell you something verbally, every woman sends out a myriad of signals when she has sex with you. The way she breathes, and the way her breath changes when you do something, the way she moves, the way different muscles in her body tensen up and relax, the sounds she makes with her voice, how she reacts to you, how her toes curl up, how her fingers grab you, how she scratches your back with her fingers, how she bites your ear and kisses your mouth, all of that… experiment with it, play with it, interprete it, be aware of it, pay attention to it and stretch the whole experience a bit out.

You really want to keep the arousal going at a high level but without going over the top and reaching orgasm. That’s the secret. It’s a marathon, and you want to shower her with sexy hormones. Because the longer you keep the tension up the better, more intense and more satisfying will it be once the release comes. And it’ll be deeply relaxing.

And sex is not just the time when you have intercourse with a woman. It’s also what you do before and after that. Share many physical interactions with your woman throughout the day. Just touch her here and there, while you’re talking on the phone, while you’re eating, while you’re walking by and so on. Developing and nurturing physical intimacy with a woman is not just something that will benefit your relationship in general, but your sex life in particular.

And keep in mind that sex is about fantasies. Get to know her fantasies and share your own. Just be aware that almost every human being is inhibited and sometimes feels shy when we reveal our intimate fantasies, but if you can push and pull your lady to open up to you and start exploring your sex life quality will multiply tenfold. Now yes, that tenfold thing I just pulled it out of my head, but it will definitely be a lot better, and that’s good for both you and your woman.