What Is Tantric Sex?

You probably have already heard about tantric sex, but most men do not really have an idea what it really is and how to do it.

Now tantric sex isn’t just something that weird hippie people who never take a shower because they want to preserve their sexual energy do. You don’t need to grow your hair long or start eating a vegan diet. In fact, you can live a completely normal life and simply start having tantric sex, without somehow joining a sex or following a guru.

It’s simply something you can do to enjoy sex more!

tantric sex


One of the main points of this sex is that you do keep your sexual energy in your body (instead of squandering it you do usually with an orgasm). However, there are very fun ways to do it (and they have nothing to do with not taking a shower).

You want to prolong the sexual interaction and last longer in bed. By doing this you essentially build up a reservoir of happy hormones in your body and improve your overall energy levels and health.

If you’re just starting to experiment with tantric sex, kind of set the stage for it. It’s something you should cherish – so don’t have the TV playing next or text message notifications interrupting you all the time. Yes, that whole thing with candles and nice scents is actually a good idea.

Yab-Yom Position of Tantric Sex

This is basically the absolute tantric sex for beginners. The yab-yom position. Here what you do is you stand opposite each other, and you hold each other in your arms, kind of like when you are doing a slow dance. And then you simply breathe in when your partner breathes out, and when you breathe out then your partner breathes in. (No I do hope you don’t have a problem with halitosis!).

And you want to really focus on your breath and be very aware of your breath. This awareness and sensuality is something that you always want to practice when you have tantric sex. You always want to be fully aware and focused on your own bodily sensations and your partner.

When you breath out, just imagine (and feel as if) you are filling your body with positive energy, and you’re sending that positive energy to your partner. And since your partner is inhaling while you are exhaling, you partners breathes in your positive energy.

In fact in communication sciences, psychologists know that people when they have a very close relationship and really connect with each other, they sometimes intuitively sync their breath. So what you’re doing is essentially a good and natural thing, you’re just helping it a bit out.

And when you try to practice tantric sex, always look into each others eyes and read the other person’s eyes. It’s pretty simple. You want to be aware of their body language. You keep every channel of communication there is open, because you want that exchange of information to happen, you want to faciliate the flow of emotions and thoughts between the two of you. And you really want to be aware of what your body is going through when you have sex.

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